Quad Excursions Cefalù
Escursioni in Quad a Cefalù


Who we are?

The idea of ​​creating my own business with what I loved the most (enduro) I was when one Sunday I wanted to take my brother to know the “My World”! What many Sicilians do not know why sedentary and addicted from the routine … The magnificent Parco Delle Madonie! From the first time in motocross fascinated me !! Accustomed to the whole dried grass that usually can be seen from the streets, I was as shocked, thrilled by those stunning landscapes. I felt like a movie !!!! … Huge trees, covered with green leaves .. !! … Torrents! Deer, horses, wild pigs, cows .. and all this, in the wild! … Fascinating landscapes from the point of view of flora richness of deer, horses wildlife, wild pigs, cows .. and all this, in the wild! It seemed truly a film..Quindi, returning to my brother … I let him rent the bike from a friend, with whom we made a lot of road in its surroundings of the Madonie..Anche he was shocked .. Park in 40 years lived in Sicily, he had never noticed how beautiful the ..so Sicily, as a joke at the end of excursion, all wet from the rain that had hit us on the way back .. we looked at each other and laughing, we said: Why not make excursions in the Madonie a business park? Well! Here we are! Since moto cross I tried to make it more accessible to all, entrusting to my clients in half just as fun and safe, the Quad! Our Quad are approved for two people, are very robust, convenient and 4 × 4 – 400 cc 4-stroke, are fitted with a button sequential gearbox (simple) and by a front winch,

We are located in Cefalu (Pa) 90015 Santa Lucia SNC in the district in front of the Club MedVI AWAITING YOU !!!