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4 Hour Quad Excursion

Hike on the trails of the ” ancient shepherds ” – 130€
( 4H hike / approx 50km )

To reach the edge of the Quad Gibilmanna on a paved road that will enable you to put into practice the basics of driving a quad. The Shrine of Gibilmana located just 14 km from the city on the wooded slopes of Pizzo Sant’Angelo, a place made ​​sacred by the Arabs, who told of miraculous acts of the Madonna. Superb panorama that ranges from the mountainous interior, from verdant valleys to the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Quad allows you to discover a region in an original way, descend the mountain along the unpaved trails that wind through the beautiful Madonie mountain range and pass through forests and trails populated by wild animals. The Sicilian hinterland, away from the hot beaches and archaeological sites scattered along the coast, offers perhaps the most authentic look of this land. In addition, the mountains of the island, have a rough and wild beauty, giving you the ability to capture unique aspects of the landscape.

Check- in Castelbuono, medieval town of 10 000 inhabitants nestled in the foothills of the Madonie, in a pleasant valley, in a harmonious blend of green and rocks. Castelbuono pays great respect to the environmental and energy policy, working on compliance and environmental recovery. It was the first country in Italy to use donkeys for the collection and transportation of waste. And a very nice village for several reasons ; Castle of the Ventimiglia family, his passion for the slow-food movement, the work of the manna (it is a product obtained from several species of plants of genus Fraxinus, typical Sicilian) and for the entire cultural heritage of the country. Going from Castelbuono we will stop for a tasting ( Free 40 min approx) of local products offered by Fiasconaro Bar, located on the main square not far from the medieval castle.

After you rifocillarti, depart for a new exploration, a breathtaking journey into the heart of the nature of the Madonie Park, an exceptional environment, rich in unspoiled woods and green, rivers and streams run through the length and breadth of these mountains, carrying water from the mountains to the sea, the pure beauty.

An unforgettable experience.

The tour includes:

  • Short briefing on the use, safety, and the rudiments of the Quad.
  • A Quad for 1 person + extra 20 € per passenger (The passenger must be aged 10 years or over)
  • Guides 2 (one head and a tail in constant communication via intercom).
  • R.C car insurance against third parties.
  • Fuel.
  • Helmet with visor.
  • Tasting of typical products from Fiasconaro Castelbuono.

Pick -up for a minimum of 4 people (contact us for info and availability).

Weather conditions:

Possible cancellation may occur in case the weather does not permit a development of the hike safely. The tour may be canceled or postponed to a date to be determined.


  • Sneakers or hiking boots
  • Sun glasses
    For colder days we recommend:
  • long pants ( preferably jeans) and a waterproof jacket type K-Way.

Documentation required:

Driving license A or B and have more than 18 years.